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Romantique Couture
Angy's Blog June-July2010

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District!

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Strand Palace Hotel, near Somerset House - one hour catwalk show and exhibit
Please contact me if you would like me to add you to my list of invites

OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2010: Newcastle & Sunderland shows; Watch This Space for dates and further details!

Click here to download my leaflet; Bespoke Fashion - with a Difference PDF (1mb)

PYROMANIA py-ro-ma-nia: an irresistable impulse to set fire to things for personal gratification

PYROMANIA py-ro-ma-nia: the exciting, new collection from Angy Morton

PYROMANIA is the new concept collection I am currently working on with a view to releasing the first completed designs at London Fashion Week - Fashion Mavericks in September. My PYROMANIA creations are commercial samples, developed from some of my successful 'Four Seasons' haute couture designs. They will subsequently be manufactured in the United Kingdom as limited edition lines, available initailly from my new online BUTiQ.

Pyromania will comprise two themes based around the elegant, sinuous curve of 'Midnight Sun', and the stylish, angular, low cut back of 'Wildfire'. I may not be granted permission to literally set the runway on fire, but hopefully these new outfits will ignite a spark of pleasure for spectators! I am now busy juggling my new creations with existing commitments but expect a selection to be ready for the September launch. I am not giving too much away at this stage other than to say that the outfits will be available in either dazzling fiery reds, oranges and yellows, or in monochromatic themes. They will all carry names reflcting the Pyromania theme - from the explosive 'Krakatau' and burning 'Magma', to the smouldering 'Etna', and mysterious 'Santorini' ... so, watch this space!

KRAKATAU - or Krakatoa, in the Sunda Strait between the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra, is famous on account of its eruption in 1883, one of the most violent volcanic eruptions in recorded history. It ejected some 21 cubic kilometres of rock, ash and pumice in a cataclysmic explosion which was heard 5000 km away, caused devastating tidal waves, and affected weather patterns round the globe for five years. Over 36,000 people died though some estimates suggest it could have been up to three times more than that, while the island of Krakatoa was reduced in size by some two-thirds. Since 1927 a new island, Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau), has been rising from the sea in the middle of the caldera, and continues to grow through frequent eruptions.

KRAKATAU - is an unconventionial, contemporary fitted wedding dress which forms part of my new PYROMANIA collection. It features a low cut front and a close-fitted skirt and is crafted from burnt orange taffeta, shot with deep red. The train of Krakatau resembles a river of burning, molten lava.

For excellent pictures of Anak Krakatau check out the following article:
Will Krakatoa rock the world again?


I’ve just been asked to join a fashion designers' list by Rob Skinner from Institute of Modelling ... my label on the same page with some of the big guys? BRILLIANT!! This is the beginning. Cool thanks Rob.

Institute of Modelling is a world-wide consumer protection association for the modelling industry based in Warwickshire.   It has developed a range of aims, policies and guidelines and has been working to help to improve the industry for all those involved. It's primary goal is to reduce exploitation, something I have also been calling for in my blogs, and to improve awareness within the industry. 

See more on

25 JULY 2010 -CATWALK CURVES by Eve-Yasmine

A few days ago, one of my ‘friends’ on Facebook launched an excellent campaign to bring back curves on the catwalk. Go for it girl!! I totally approve of this. I really think that a woman is at her most beautiful between sizes10 and 14.

So many models today are so skinny because they feel that photos and TV cameras make them appear bigger than they really are. In other words a size 8, can easily look like a 10 in a photograph. So what ... can't they see what this obsession with size is doing to them? And worse is the bad example they are leading for aspiring models. Sorry, but you can't tell me that an anorexic, bag of bones, rattling down the runway even comes close to anybody's idea of a perfect figure. Just take Marilyn Monroe for example. Enough said!

Read more about Eve'Yasmine's campaign here:
Catwalk Curves


Just back from another social call - a barbecue held by my good friend Lana Brown at Vibralife in Carlisle to raise funds for the forthcoming Carlisle Youth Zone project.

I had a good look round Lana's fab new fitness studio which is very impressive, and not just because of the space age spa capsules - like something out of Doctor Who! They provide a hydro massage to combat pain and alleviate stress, while there is so much for the members from chilled towels in the exercise studio to plasma TV and internet access in the lounge. Check out the Vibralife website:

It was a good day out, and for a very good cause. I even wore my latest footie dress - a little purple number created from old NUFC second strips - excellent colour, and exhibited some of Stolen Dreams. I will post some proper pics of the new dress in the near future.

Talking of football, the Gretna FC 2008 team were there for a penalty shoot out. They have just signed up with Vibralife for their fitness regime. I also had a nice chat with the Mayor of Carlisle who supports a wide range of charities and worthwhile cause in the community.

Proceeds from the BBQ and the raffle all went to the new Carlisle Youth Zone project. This is scheduled to open early in 2011 and will benefit children in and around Carlisle by providing them with a modern, safe place of their own and a wide range of exciting activities supported by fully qualified, caring staff and volunteers. One of the key aims will be to identify and nurture talent, whether for a sport or a hobby, and there will be plenty of opportunities for clubs and learning, from cookery to arts, drama, music workshops and sports. The modern building being constructed for Youth Zone will house workshops, music studios, performance and games areas, a fitness centre, sports hall, swimming pool, and all weather pitches, in addition to social and refreshment areas. This really is a worthwhile cause ... see the website for more:


What a great evening!! I was invited to a 'Girls Night In Night Out' event at St. Jame's Park, Newcastle, by one of my good friends, Bernice from Sorted PR. Sorted organizes a variety of events in North East, so it was an opportunity to see if we could work together something with my collections at future events. I went to the 'party' with another good friend Leah, who runs AM Models in Newcastle. She provided the girls for my Stolen Dreams launch and photo shoots last year.

It was an excellent gathering with a fascinating variety of interesting exhibitors and demonstrations from psychic reading – ohh I fancied that but I’m a coward and I do need a good reference first – to temp tattoo – liked that too, not sure how Mike would have reacted :)). All in all I met some nice people, made useful contacts and enjoyed a few free drinks. Great. I wore one of my NUFC jackets which raised a few eyebrows ... especially from some of the staff. It seems my protest and antics last year have not been forgotten! No regrets!

One of the highlights at this event was meeting Vikky Johnston. Vikky is a professional, make-up artist based in the North-East. She has been involved in “backstage” work, with make up design, set design and costume design highlighting all aspects of her artistic talents. Despite the fact that she works with big celebrities on various well know shows she is extremely friendly and more then happy to help. How refreshing! Anyway, you can see some of Vikky's hair, body paint and make-up creations below, and also on her website - links below.

All photographs copyright of Vikky Johnston - check out her site for more: www.vikkyjohnston.com

Sorted Public Relations & Event Management - an exciting and dynamic consultancy
Tel. 0191 265 6111

AM Model Agency Ltd - the Premier Model Agency in Newcastle and the North East
Tel. 0191 233 1420


It looks as if I will be exhibiting at London Fashion Week again, this September. Wow! I have been contacted by Jacqueline, the director of Fashion Mavericks, to showcase my designs as part of an exciting two-day catwalk event at the Strand Palace Hotel, right in the heart of London near Somerset House and Covent Garden. This time I will have a full, one hour slot on the catwalk in addition to a separate stand. I’m a bit worried about the models again as I have a mixture of sizes between 8 and 14 ...there is always this constant worry with fittings.

I'll probably take the full Stolen Dreams Collection, a selection of my other haute couture designs and, time permitting, perhaps some samples from my new 'Pyromania' ready to wear, concept collection. This is being developed from some of my haute couture themes in a combination of fiery or monochrome shades.

Anyway, watch this space for updates, and if you are interested in coming along please drop me a quick email so that I can add you to my list of invites.

See also:
Fashion Mavericks


It just shows what a society we live in. What’s wrong with people nowadays? Why can’t they be creative themselves and come up with something original and new? Something different or personal. It's silly season and there is a new craze for silicon wrist bands ... nothing new you might think. True, but Sarah Jessica Parker and a few other so-called 'celebs' are wearing them ... so baaaaa ... everybody has to follow. In no time the shops were empty and the production was increased due to demand. So with the right marketing and celebrity backing it seems you can sell just about anything. Just check out some of the comments following the article in the Independent ... The New Craze? It's silly.

I rather liked this one: "People would wear dog turds if they were marketed aggressively enough. What's wrong with 'em all?"


Just read that haute couture is on the rise...if you have the right support and financial backing you can easily afford to let your madness loose!! Wonder if it has anything to do with Lady Gaga's popularity and outrageous costumes? Can't say I'm complaining. The gist of it is that when there is a recession people are more careful and stick to quality and creativity.

See the following in the Independent:
Why Haute Couture is thriving


Here is another reason why talented designers and creative dressmakers could one day become a thing of the past - especially in this country. Cheap, very cheap and extremely cheap clothes. But what is even more annoying is that the team ‘designers’ from these supermarket chains are actually copying whatever appears on the catwalk for the next season. You have a team of some of the best designers in the industry working on a brilliant next season collection and then you have....the well known cheap clothes supermarkets. Uncreative, untalented, cheap looking, and exploiting children in the poorer countries to line their own pockets ... while the general public lap it all up, unquestioning, llike sheep ... or should that be lemmings? Sounds fair to me. Not.

Primark, Topshop beware - Tesco set to open standalone High Street fashion stores


I just discovered an interesting article about what to buy new, and what not to buy new. Well, it depends on what you are looking for I suppose. What caught my eye was that you shouldn’t buy a new designer dress...huh? but a second hand one. The advice is understandable if you are on a budget but please be aware and do your research thoroughly. My feedback on this article is limited to designer clothes as this is my field. Even though fashionistas are bonkers and will even wear their nana upside down if that’s in vogue, I still want to believe they are honest people. (says she hopefullyl!”)

Switching and swapping with strangers...it’s ok as long as the cleaning factor is involved. You have to bear in mind that you cannot wash most designer dresses as you do other second hand clothes. or even dry clean them due to glued or sewn on accessories. Then with swapping comes the huge potential to destroy your friendship. And of course there is always that risk of, 'Haven't I seen that before somehwere?'. My personal advice is try to invest in something you know for sure you will wear for more than just one fashion season (i.e. 2 months!) and perhaps find a common sense designer who can help you with the right outfit for you:). I still do not understand this obsession for ‘labels or brands’ - be yourself, be individual, be practical if you are trying to save money, and find what works for you.

10 things not to buy new


Sorry for so few entries over the last month. I have been working very hard at a very interesting, new design - for a 'side-saddle' wedding dress. Of course it is not unusual for me to be asked to create or make a bespoke wedding dress, but this one was different - a very specific wedding dress that can be worn whilst riding side-saddle, then gathered in after dismounting the horse.

The jacket was a classic Victorian cut with 39 buttons (and buttonholes) ... all of which had to be hand-stitched due to the fabric - and all the buttons had to be fastened by the poor bride (was that why she arrived a little late at the church?). The fabric was a french-knotted silk, chosen by Charlotte, the bride, and sourced from one of my trade suppliers. The golden colour of this exquisite hand-made, embroidered silk was described as 'muscatelle'.

I used regal silk dupion for the skirt, which was far more challenging. I had never made a side saddle riding skirt so it was a rather daunting project ...there is always a first time for everything. I adapted the basic design from a Victorian pattern - a combination of tucks, pleats, loops and buttons to enable the skirt to be fixed to the jacket when the bride is riding, and gathered up when she dismounts. The result was magnificent, as you can see in the following pictures, and the concept is something I would like to develop for other riders in the future,

The bride and groom, Charlotte and Alex, were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. The church ceremony took place at Colton church, perched on a hillside overlooking the pretty Colton valley (above). Alex arrived at the church in a vintage car while Charlotte came on horse back singing (very appropriately) 'She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes!'

Left to Right" 'She'll be coming round the mountain'; Bride at the evening event in Bouth; Bridesmaids and bride at the church

The wedding had a Victorian theme and many of the 250+ guests wore Victorian costumes. The reception and evening event took place in a marquee in a field, in the village of Bouth, where Alex and Charlotte are creating a Victorian farm. We were invited to the evening party which was wonderful. It was like walking on to a set for a Thomas Hardy or Catherine Cookson period drama. There were steam traction engines generating electricity, ploughing engines, steam rollers, haycarts and a steam bus which brought some of the guests and was giving rides round the village.

The marquee was decorated with bunting made from colourful scraps which is passed on from wedding to wedding raising funds for breast cancer - what a fab idea! There were also lovely flower arrangements and posies comprising wild and traditional country garden flowers such as foxgloves, chamomiles and astrantia - so delicate and so pretty.

The bar which served real ales including some amazing strawberry ale, was provided by the village pub ... my favourite for either a drink or a meal ... the White Hart (see: www..whitehart-lakedistrict.co.uk).

Old Hall Farm at Bouth is a Victorian Farm that Alex and Charlotte are working hard to develop into a fully-fledged tourist attraction in the near future. They have already held open days and are planning more in September when there will be a ploughing event. One of the huge steam ploughing engines will be used then, and perhaps also the magnificient shire horses which brought guests to the wedding and took the newly weds back to the reception. They also have traditional breeds of cattle and pigs, a threshing machine, binder and other antique farming equipment. The 60-acre farm will not be just a museum, rather an actual working farm using traditional methods to become self-sustainable.

For more information about this fantastic project click on the following article from the Evening Mail:
Victorian Farm created in South Lakes

Watch this space and will keep you updated of developments. Meanwhile, check out the following pics for a flavour of what it is all about.

Pictures from Charlotte and Alex's Victorian-themed wedding party at Old Hall Farm, Bouth; Top to Bottom; left to right:

Steambus arriving with guests in costume, and wedding marquee;
Polished showmans' traction engines and ploughing engine;
Historic tractor and a Victorian hay cart; Steam roller and traction engines providing power for the marquee.


I know I am a bit late drawing my conclusions with regards to the World Cup, I suppose nobody cares about my opinion anyway - I'm just a girl! I watched two of the matches - against Slovenia and Germany. I predicted a 2-1 victory for the Germans but my hubby said don’t be silly, they will; come through and win in the end. Well, yes they did - they won their tickets for the first flight back home...and a lot of unpleasant comments and disgust from the press and normal folk. I'm sorry if you think I'm jumping on the bandwagon too, but I honestly believe most of them really are a bunch of overpaid primadona’s who failed to show any passion for their sport, or loyalty to country and fans. It reminds me of that awful season when Newcastle flopped down to the Premiership and the overpaid players couldn't even raise themselves to fight for that last vital game. Anyway, this whole farce has put me completely off football for a while - perhaps I will be switching to rugby...at least those boys still have the passion and determination.


Daisy, daisy ... give me your answer do ... okay so the song isn't about flowers but so what! Just back from a beautiful sunny afternoon in West Cumbria looking for an orchid. Not any old orchid either ... we found thousands of lovelyMarsh Orchids, and Spotted Orchids and Twayblades, but the challenge was to find a very special rarity - a Bee Orchid. I have been fascinated by these so called 'insect' orchids since I first saw a a picture of one. It may have been on a David Attenborough programme. or perhaps in a book. I can't remember, but the idea that a plant can mimic an insect so well that the insect tries to mate with it and therefore cross-polinates it, is just incredible. It is like something from science fiction ... like the triffids. So naturally, when I discovered there were colonies of these rare treasures on my own doorstep my curiosity was aroused.

Anyway, the sun was shining, it was a weekend, and although I had a lot to do, at lunchtime I decided to call it a day and we headed for the coast. I suppose the extra incentive of fish and chips at Crosby's in Whitehaven might have helped. There are several excellent nature reserves along the Cumbrian coast - the sand dunes at Eskmeals, the sea cliffs at St. Bees, and the Solway for example. However, the places we visited were both formerly industrial sites that have been reclaimed by nature. The first was Hodbarrow near Millom which was once a series of iron mines and a huge ironworks until the 1970s. The old mine workings have been flooded and form a saltwater lagoon while surrounding it is a wilderness of scrib, meadows and dunes. much of it on limestone soil which means a great diversity of different flowers. It is now a RSPB reserve and well-known for its colonies of Sandwich and Common Terns which we also saw.

The bee orchids were more elusive. True, there were other flowers including hundreds and hundreds of deep purple Northern Marsh Orchids and more that I can't remember the names of (Mike is the botanist - I'm just there to admire and be inspired). We walked everywhere, even getting lost following what must have been an old miners path or a railway which took us deep into jungle-like undergrowth, pushing aside brambles and nettles, determined not to have to turn back. Well, finally, just as we were about to give up and drive up the coast for our dinner, we found what we were looking for. A perfect bee orchid. It was bigger than both of us had expected and very impressive. I took a photo and we left it in peace ... hidden away, disturbed only by the bees!

Our next stop was another nature reserve, also a former industrial site, this one managed by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Clints Quarry is a former limestone quarry, situated near Egremont. It closed way back as the 1930s. Despite its size, you would never guess it was there. not unless you knew about it. We followed a narrow gorge between cliffs shrouded in shadowy. spooky woods and came out into an amazing space - the quarry is like a huge basin, a sort of amphitheatre completely enclosed by cliffs. The entire floor was carpeted with grass and flowers, millions and millions of ox-eye daisies, and also orchids and wild strawberries that tasted wonderful ... more perfumed than the supermarket varieties! Heaven.

Pictures - above: Among the daisies in Clints Quarry

Pictures - left: top to bottom. left to right:

Ox-eye daisies at Clints Quarry;
Bee Orchid at Hodbarrow near Millom
Lighthouse on the sea wall at Hodbarrow with the Lake District fells behind
More ox-eye daisies at Clints Quarry


A few years ago Mike took me to Edinburgh for our wedding anniversary, my first real introduction to Scotland. I was fascinated about the history, the people, and the accents. I remember the visit to Edinburgh castle was in a bit of a rush - we always rush but love museums and castles. I could have spent a week in there. Then, on the way out, a brief stop for the shops. Well as it was closing time, We were window shopping when suddenly Mike spotted some beautiful, unusual cards. We searched everywhere for them after that but without any luck.

However, we eventually found the name of the artist after we visted Barra in the Outer Hebrides for another anniversary - Pam Carter. As expected the more of her work I saw, and the more I became fascinated by the surreal blue sea, rocky mountains, white beaches and desolate landscapes of the islands that she captures so well, the more I was completely hooked. I do not kill myself as much for contemporary artists (very strange some of them), I rather like classics but Pam’s style is beautiful and elegant. It may not be to everybody’s taste but that’s art for you. There are plenty of other Scottish painters but none seem to capture the colours and the atmposphere with such perfection. See or yourself, she is a fantastic contemporary artist based in Scotland. For more info, to buy prints or even to book a cottage in Skye, click on Pam Carter's excellent website:

One of the local art galleries in Skye (there are loads of them) was running an exhibition of Pam Carter's work later in the year. I will miss that, but at least there were cards to buy, and as soon as I have a few more orders I would love to buy another of her limited edition prints, perhaps something to remind me of Skye this time, or one of Uist or Tiree, just to remind me that there are still many more inspirational places to see. We already have one of Pam's wonderful pictures - a little red-roofed house which overlooks the cockle beach at Barra, where the planes from the mainland land and take-off. It has pride of place outside my studio.

Paintings by Pam Carter: Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Call of the Cuillins (Skye)

Western Isles II - Cockle Strand (Barra) - the one that started it all for me!

Cottages Balevullin Bay (Tiree)

Red on the Cuillin (Skye)

Available from

All paintings copyright of Pam Carter;
Pam has kindly given her permission for these images to be reproduced here.

People are always asking me why I don't move down to London. Look at the opportunities they say. Look at the shows and the boutiques, the markets, the potential customers and clients. Okay, put it another way. Do you think Pam Carter would be inspired to paint her beautiful landscapes and seascapes if she lived in the city? I doubt it? If I move away from the Lake District I feel my inspiration and creativity would simply dry up ... I would be lost, just another number, or a sheep, swallowed up by the system. No chance. I prefer to remain different, inspired, creative ... me! And when I travel beyond the Lake District I seek inspiration from wilderness and nature ... who can't be moved by these Scottish landscapes? Thanks Pam!

More inspirational landscapes:

View over Broadford Bay, Skye towards Applecross

Bottom: Islands of Rhum, Canna and Soay from Skye

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