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Angy's Blog July2011

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District

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Steph with Pahoehoe. Photo: Mike Kells

17 August 2011: 'RedDress:BlackDress' shoot' - exclusive photoshoot at Haig
25 August, 2011: Charity Race Night and Fashion Show at Cartmel Races
11 September, 2011: Eden Hall Hotel Bridal Fayre incl. Fashion Show Bardsea
September 2011: 'BUG shoot' - exclusive photoshoot (provisional)
Autumn 2011: Austerity - the forthcoming collection by Angy Morton


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14 April, 2011:
BBC RADIO CUMBRIA - Kevin Fernihough afternoon show - Lady Gaga & avant garde fashionsl

Avant-garde fashion designer, Angy Morton, has organised an unusual fashion shoot to pose the question, "What if the heir to the throne had really chosen an 'ordinary' girl to be his bride?
See PRESS PAGE for full details

1 April, 2011: BBC RADIO CUMBRIA - Breakfast Show - Mike Parr & Sally Moon - Lady Gaga
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2 August, 2011: WHITE WEDDING

Ahh now then, this is a very interesting subject. Wouldn’t you say? I do.

wedding is the  in which two people are united in  or a similar institution. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between , , , , and . Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of  by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is sometimes followed by a . Music, poetry, prayers or readings from  or literature are also commonly incorporated into the ceremony. (Wikipedia -

Let’s start with one the least known facts – the white wedding dress was popularized by Queen Victoria in marrying her Prince Albert in 1840. White dresses were very unusual until then due to impracticalities – they were difficult to clean and to keep white, also they could get dirty much quicker then a darker velvet dress.

Victoria’s choice of white gown was seen as an unusual choice at that time. Some say it was eccentricity some say a sign of purity. I say that the dress bought a change, simplicity, less clutter - and above all style, a style that changed everything and one that has survived to this day.

Eighteenth century wedding dresses were colourful and heavily embellished (one of my friend’s favourite words creeps into my mind here: ‘lush’ - thanks Leah ) - pearls and diamonds, roses and lace all in one. Vivid colours were a must, shades of red and blues, purple and gold. Even black!

If you think that getting married and chasing after a wedding dress is difficult today, think about if you were to get married then. You would have to prepare for it from the age of five!

So, why am I bringing the subject of weddings? Not only because I make lovely and unusual wedding dresses), but but because I’ve been doing a few ‘waitressing’ stints at wedding functions to keep my business afloat in these difficult times, and of course, because I find it interesting. However, my sense of observation is driving me mad especially in my department, clothes. I’m not criticizing anybody’s style, we are all different in our choice, shape and size but when you see no style at all and that ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude, it’s worrying.

So, so far I’ve seen all the following at wedding receptions - jeans, track suits, trainers and pièce de résistance - flip – flops! What am I going to see next week? A towel wrap as a dress? Don’t get me wrong I have also seen some very nice dresses and well dressed ladies and very smart gents.

By doing this job I’m also kind of networking if you like. Like last week I met the general manager of Eden Lodge in Ulverston, Keith Parr - A lovely man, and a lovely team. The advantage of working in a hotel under these circumstances is that I sometimes establish a future collaboration. In this case, the hotel is set in fantastic grounds, and we could arrange a photo-shoot to promote the hotel and my dresses. In the case of Eden Lodge I will be exhibiting there at a wedding fair in September – watch this space, and in the meantime check out their excellent website:

Other places I have helped out recently have included the Windermere Motor Yacht Club – a fabulous arts and crafts house designed by Voysey which overlooks the lake. An episode of Agatha Christie’s Poirot was filmed there - again lovely people, and a fantastic venue for a wedding or for a photo shoot. Of course, the Lake District is a perfect wedding venue, having inspired generations of romantic poets, writers and artists. For more information and ideas you could also check out
Weddings in Cumbria. Oh and if you are getting married and you need a fantastic wedding dress or anything else to wear similarly fantastic…don’t forget to call me!

Left to Right: LadyBUG (Austerity); Pahoehoe (Pyromania); Pacaya (Pyromania)
Photos: Mike Kells; Model:Stephanie Wood; Make-up: Angy

25 July, 2011: A WALK TO THE BEACH

As all my friends know I was a professional swimmer for a number of years so for me water in any form pool, sea, and ocean is an attraction. So when Mike suggested going out this weekend my mind was beach, beach, and beach, followed quite naturally by sea, ice cream, sun, sand and then laziness. But, and a huge but it suddenly hit me, I forgot that I had promised my body a long walk to shake off the cobwebs. So, armed with sandwiches, coffee and other bits and pieces we set off over the sand dunes.

Left to right, top to bottom: flower-filled hedgerows; Wasdale from Hallsenna Moor. dominated by Great Gable and Lingmell';
Bittersweet (Woody Nightshade); DRigg parish church towards Eskdale.

Have I mentioned before that I prefer the west coast in the summer? It’s much more peaceful, and a million times friendlier than the congested South Lakes? Living in the Windermere area can be very frustrating at times; crowded, noisy and very rarely do people stop and talk to each other. Whereas in West Cumbria you still have a community. It isn’t all holiday and second homes, and casual workers and tourists. People know each other, help each other and you don’t have that suspicious look if you’re talking to a child like I experienced in our park. I stopped to speak to – what I thought was – a lost child. But unknown to me the mother wasn’t far away, and was furious that I had approached her son. She met me with ‘what do you think you’re doing’ screamed at me drooling like a bulldog with a London accent (and you wonder why I won't live there?) The whole party looked at me like I was a thief. I’m sorry, I was only asking if mummy or daddy was around. I was trying to help. The park is rather big for a three year old child; criss-crossed by paths. It is easy to get lost as an adult, never mind a kid. But it seems I was in the wrong. I was advised by an elderly couple that you can’t do that, not anymore, not in the 21st century. I’m sorry but what’s wrong with this people…to feel something’s wrong and not be able to ask that crying and lost child if he’s ok? Are we not humans? Are we not supposed to care? I apologised, thinking what in earth have I done wrong? Anybody would have done the same. Wouldn’t they?…Well, apparently not. What was even more shocking for me was that I am a woman with an obvious bump and like any mother out there my maternal instinct kicked in very quickly so my priority was to ensure that was child. Never mind eh we live and learn.

Seascale jetty; Field Poppies and Harebells (Scottish Bluebells)

So back to seaside…we were up and down the sand dunes without a soul around. The sea on one side and the sharp mountains on the other, birds singing and hundreds of wild flowers – it doesn’t get better then that. It was a warm and breezy day but a bit too bright for my unprotected arms. Yes no sun cream, no hat, and no shade whatsoever. Shame on you BBC Weather forecast. Suppose to be sunny spells not a sunny day ... but then again it’s always wrong so I must admit we should have been prepared!

We stopped to shade ourselves from the sun at one of my our favourite coffee stops, Spindlecraft at Drigg. I could have done with more of them excuses in our walk) I had a slice of coffee cake yummy and Mike had a toffee flapjack. As you can imagine they were home made. The most delicious cake - I could have munched all of it ). We could have done with a coffee stop every half an hour or so on that walk…. but considering my luck, no way Pedro!

Left to right, top to bottom: Seascale with Herding Neb, view to Black Combe; Old observation post above Drigg Beach
Sea Mayweed; A walk in the water on Seascale Beach

Two hours later, shock horror we came across A BOG. No no no no, I’m going back. I’m going back. I’m going back. So, I had to choose between going ahead or two hours back…ahead it had to be… My God it was terrifying. I tell you what; put me to choose between the dentists every day for the next year or cross a BOG once. You don’t have to tell me! With a cold sweat on my spine, tears I couldn’t help holding and a shaking body all over Mike helped me the other side. I don’t understand why I behave like that but I’m telling you it is scary.

However, my senses came back and I started to enjoy my walk again. It was blissful, miles of country lanes and barely a soul around. And when we did meet people there was always a hello and a few nicities. The hedgerpws were absolutely full of flowers and we even walked through a meadow of my namesake - Angelica. Mike counted well over 100 species and that was without trying ... incedible. We also had a small picnic with a small mug of coffee and, by the time we reached the beach everything was aching. Back, hips, legs and above all my tummy…if you would see me you would have thought I was 80. However I made it to the most beautiful beach ever. After 5 hours walk I could finally get my boots off and splash in the sea. It was splendid. I couldn’t ask for more.

12 July, 2011: BRING ON THE BUGS

The 'BUGS' are coming. The first two samples of my new 'Austerity' collection were exhibited at Whitehaven. I have decided to call these new concept designer dresses 'BUGS'. My idea was to create an 'austerity range of simple, designer dresses to the following specifications:

- 'Made to Measure' Designer Dresses
- Choose your colour
- Choose your fabric
- Simple but trendy
- Adaptable

The basic 'BUGS' will be on sale from just £ 99.00 for a unique, hand-made to measure designer dress. The designs are very flexible and can be selected in a range or colours, fabrics and themes. Some of the concepts I am working on at the moment include:

Summer Bugs - light cotton bugs
Night Bugs - luxurious, velvet evening bugs
Posh Bugs - exclusive, silk bugs
Bed Bugs - sleek and sexy lace bugs
Wild Bugs - sturdy denim or heavy cotton, outdoor bugs
Wedding Bugs - bridal wear with a difference
Tummy Bugs - adjustable, maternity bugs
Midgies - a tartan bugs

I am presently working on samples and hope to organise a photo shoot, my Bug Shoot, over the summer, so watch this space for photos. I am also looking into the possibility of creating limited lines for select boutiques.

Choose your FABRIC ...
Choose your COLOURS ...
Choose your BUG!

9 July, 2011: VALENTINO

Did anybody see the TV docimentary “Valentino – the last Emperor” this week? It was hilarious. I was rolling around with laughter. He is so good. I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes though - the pressure, the expectations and the unreliability. The lowest point in this episode was him discovering that his company had been sold on without his knowledge. It was as he was no more than a source of money being bounced back and forth like a tennisball, no regard whatsoever given to him as a human being, or to his creativity. However I’m sure money was never a problem since Valentino’s partner managed very well with more then few properties around the world, a yacht etc, etc.

What I found especially touching was the support from Karl Lagerfeld and the jokes he made to raise his morale at the 45th Anniversary of Valentino's career in fashion. We all know Lagerfeld as a cold moody character but in this episode he showed a human face for once. He was actually laughing with Valentino!

6 July, 2011: PHOTO SHOOT with MIKE KELLS

A couple of weeks back I had a meeting with headwear designer Tracy Wells from the Hat Box in Barrow in Furness regarding a fashion presentation at a Charity Event on the 25th of August at Cartmel Races. The idea is to have few of our models making a small catwalk or something similar, milling round between the guests - not quite sure how it will all work…yet. It was quite a coincidence really because we had been talking about Cartmel Races just before we made contact …it’s funny how things in life click and became reality.

A week after the meeting I received a phone call from Tracy’s photographer Mike Kells asking for a meeting and a photoshoot. . A photoshoot? Well not sure about that. I usually ask for a portfolio or the website first. I need to see how creative they whether they have a degree of creativity, a flair for fashion photography, flexibility and an open mind - but since it was in regards to the poster for the Cartmel Races eveny I had no choice but to accept, leaving the questions in my mind.

Now I wasn’t very with it to be honest thinking all day what an evening it was going to be ...and all those insecurities because I had this notion in my head that Kells Photography was an amateur operation only concerned with competitions - in other words not I am usually looking for when I need a photographer. Oh, how wrong I was! Mike is fantastic, very artistic, willing to try anything even if that means being open minded and streching boundaries to achieve results that are different. I certainly wouldn't think twice about working with him in the future.

Portrait of Stephanie Wood, wearing Ijen Photo: Mike Kells

Mike may not know much too much about fashion but he can definitely portray a human body in a very artistic way, and is a wonder with lighting. You should see some of his recent black and white stuff - manages to capture the lighting and atmosphere of those early Marlene Dietrich images. . It was very funny because he reminded me so much of the photographer I used to work with in my modelling days. Out of all this I’m so happy I finally found a photographer around here who actually doesn’t look at me like I’m from out of galaxy when I’m asking for something different - basically things a professional fashion photographer should know in the first place.

Anyway, the shoot was a great success. We shot five different dresses with an equally good model called Stephanie Wood. She was tall, blonde, and really suited some of my Pyromania designs, especially Ijen and Fuji, both of them with a low cut back. Plus, I did her hair and make-up and was very pleased with the results - a first for Angy! Hopefully, we can work together soon. I already have an idea whirling round in my head for a local shoot and Mike has some excellent ideas for a model contest. Watch this space.

Check out Mike's photos and galleries here:
Kells Exclusive Images
You can also contact Tracy at The Hat Box on 0789 578200 for a wide range of hats to hire or buy, designed by Tracy, or by Eleda; email: info@thehatbox.net


Thank goodness another one is out of the way! I knew about Whitehaven Festival for quite a while but I left everything to the last minute. I’m always doing that thinking I will have time to finish all off…but ) anyway I had three new couture dresses done , two more red out of my Black:dressReddress collections and a couple from our new collection the Bugs. Work, work and more work. I know they said if you are not ready to eat it, breathe it and sleep with it, do not start!

So back to the festival - the organiser, 123 Events, was fantastic. Nothing was a problem. The people were great and very friendly. I find the people in West Cumbria very warm, chatty and helpful a bit like the North-east, I think it is the sea air. If you ask for directions they will not tell you porky’s but they will actually help and send you right. I know a lot of people may think that Whitehaven is a rough area but I can tell you if I can do a fashion shoot or catwalk show with no problems then it’s not. Quite the opposite. People were curious, and smiling were asking questions in the most peaceful manner. Anywhere can be rough these days. It is people make the place not the place people. My friend Brian Sherwen is funny - walk through Whitehaven with hime and he seems to know everybody. Its like a big village! What struck me the most (because it’s my department) – was how smartly dressed people were for the Festival. Reminds me of my Sunday clothes when I was child. Very few scruffy clothes, trousers revealing half a backside or untidy shirts - no, quite the opposite. Clothes worn with pride. So refreshing these days!

Top: Getting Ready - Natasha, Natalie, Steph, Laurem, Carly and Michelle; Catwalk -Carly with Scirocco, Steph with Krakatau, Natalie with Red Dress, Lauren with Wellington 1910
Bottom: Catwalk - Steph with West Ham fan wear, Carly with Fire Dress, Michelle with Royal Wedding, Natasha with Old Firm, Natalie with Alice in Sunderland, Lauren with Cockney Mafia; Titan the Robot
Photos by Wayne Preston, Brian Sherwen and Mike Morton

For my slots I had everything from Stolen Dreams to BlackDress:RedDress, and samples from my new collection as well. And of course there was the usually stress - four models hadn't turned so I was left with just six models. 6 MODELS! How in earth am I going to do everything? And the hair stylist didn't turn up either! To be fair two of them had food poisoning so they spent the night in the hospital but the other two? No sign whatsoever. What’s wrong with people? If you are telling me you’re interested in the catwalk and you are ready to help why not turn up? At least they could let me know. Just out of respect. Lack of respect for whom? Me? I don’t care, but for herself oh yes yes yes. A double yes. Not only that but if you are a hairstylist and you don't turn up, just think about the message it sends out. Reputation? Definitely. The word goes out not to touch that person with a barge poll - she will not show up!

So after having more then 5 people not turning up how am I going to mamage with just six models and two make-up artists? Well, they did it and it was professional and pretty and fantastic. So much better then I could have expected when we started!

So a HUGE THANK YOU to the cast:

Natasha Lawrence (Model)
Natalie Miller (Model)
Stephanie Raisbeck (Model)
Michelle Serrechia (Model)
Lauren Smith (Model)
Carly Wear (Model)

Bridget Foster (Make-up Artist) - see:
Bridget Foster - Facebook
Claire Dobie (Make-up Artist) - see:
Wayne Preston (Photographer)

Also for Pamela Telford at Haig Colliery Museum for providing the props for Red Dress: Black Dress including picks, shovels, lamps, boots and helmets.

Bridget trained and worked in London before returning to her native Carlisle, Claire is from the north-east but she lives and works in West Cumbria. Wayne is a student at the Universi ty of Cumbria, Brian Sherwen was also taking photos as the official photographer for the festival.

Michelle with Harvest Moon (left) and Montreal No.4 (right)

All in all, it was a successful day. We finished with RED DRESS:BLACK DRESS which featured the new designs Wellington Pit 1910 and Montreal No.4. Ladysmith didn't come out as the size 14 model for which it was designed didn't turn up. Instead, I am hoping to do a professional Red Dress : Black Dress photo shoot over the summer at an appropriate location to highlight these unusual couture designs and help to further raise awareness of Pamela's devoted work at the Haig Pit. The plans for the new visitors centre are impressive.

Sadly, there was no time to see much of the festival, not even the planes that were wizzing over the harbour during the final catwalk show, However, I did catch a glimpse of Titan the Robot - a scary crowd puller. there wasn't even time for an ice cream or to explore the food stalls but I could hear Razorlight on stage while we were packing up at the end! As far as I understand the harbour area was more crowded than Blackpool Pleasure Beach so perhaps it was just as well I never got any further than the apartment kindly provided for changing and backstage.

So a final thankyou to all the girls, to Wayne, and to Luke Richardson who nade it possible!

Whitehaven Festival Catwalk Photos:

Top Row: Natasha with Shades of Grey; Stephanie with It Could be You, and Stephanie with Ijen
Middle: Natasha with Old Firm
Bottom: Natalie with Florence No.2; Natalie with Northern Soul; Natasha with Red Dress
Photos by Wayne Preston and Brian Sherwen

Further pictures on the excellent Whitehaven and Western Lakeland website at www,whitehavenandwesternlakeland.co.uk


A BIG thank you for everybody who helped to make yesterday such a successful, fun day - from Luke Richardson, the event organiser, to my hardworking models;


Make-up artists and stylists:

Bridget Foster
Claire Dobie

Plus, photographer Wayne Preston, and of course Pamela Telford from the Haig Colliery Mining Museum for the fab props.
Lots of hardwork (I reckon I had no more than 5 hours sleep all weekend) and stress, but I hardly noticed with such a great team to support me. It was all well worth it and the atmosphere at the festival was absolutely brill :)

Full report. pics and clips to follow once I get my breath back!


Willl it rain, or won't it? That is the question on a lot of lips, but I am more concerned with getting everything finished in time, including my spectacular Montreal No.4 and something - well, completely different!.

Here is a sneak preview of Wellington 1910 which is intended as a tribute to the 136 men that perished in the worst disaster in the West Cumberland coalfield. It was always dangerous work and in these mines, with their shafts and tunnels miles out under the sea, there was always the danger of fire damp - methane gas. The miners would carry a canary in a cage with them as an early warning. The bird was very sensitive to gases so if it dropped off its perch they knew it wasn't safe. Watch out for the canary on Sunday!

Of course there will be more than just Red Dress : Black Dress on the catwalk. One of the most exciting projects I am working on is my new AUSTERITY collection and I am hoping to have some samples of my 'BUG' concept design ready for the final catwalk - a sort of cross over from Red Dress : Black Dress. The concept is something simple, very stylish and versatile. Tall order! As mentioned before don't expect something utility - no sackcloth and shades of grey. Austerity will be bright and refreshing, a feel-good factor, yet practical. Watch this space.


A few days ago I read an article about someone visiting North Korea. The headline was, “Paranoia, no cars and silence in the cities: What I saw when I played golf in the most secretive and dangerous country on earth.” The narrator was a passionate golf player who had the ‘fortune’ to receive permission to play in North Korea. My hair stood on end when I read about his experiences and what he saw - well, as much as his minders would allow, which I suspect was very, very limited.

However, what was even more shocking for me were the ridiculous comments made by readers who clearly have absolutely no idea how life is in such a country or under such a regime really is. This is a country where nothing is your own and where you can never be an individual, so suggestions that maybe we would be better off with such a system here make my blood boil. You cannot under any circumstances compare the UK with North Korea. Trust me. They are two very different societies with a completely different mentality towards the world. One is trying to make peace in the world and the other is trying to destroy it through its own paranoia.

You may ask yourself why I am making these comments. Well as a lot of my friends know, it is because I had the misfortune of growing up and living for 15 years of my life under a brutal regime that modelled itself very closely on North Korea. It wasn’t pretty … but you won’t hear too many of my folk talking about it – they are either too ashamed of their own role on the past or they are still numbed and confused by the lies and misinformation about our history.

My experience as a child was of long queues, always being hungry and always being cautious, even suspicious of anybody. I grew up very quickly and looked after myself half the time. By the age of five I was queuing for bread. Mum was working long shifts and she was always tired. Because finding the food for a meal was such a long process we often had only dripping on a hard, and sometimes mouldy, slice of bread for dinner. White bread? Only if you were lucky and lived in the countryside … otherwise it was the colour of cement, bulked up with sawdust and made with so little fat that it was rock hard within an hour.

I remember things became even worse during my teens. School was okay but we were always scared of each other – always on alert. I quickly learned never to trust anybody and to always question what they really wanted from me, or why somebody who had never spoken to me suddenly wanted to be my friend. You constantly asked yourself WHY? At school we used to have visits from the Secret Police just to make sure we were happy there, but it was actually a pretext to question us about our own families – after all kids can be so naive can’t they? Bless them. Had you heard anything unusual? What were your mum and dad talking about when they came home from work last night? A slip of the tongue and you could guarantee your parents would be arrested. Our teachers were no better: we had one day every week which we used to spend with the same teacher asking all sorts of questions, many very personal and some of them quite intimate.

You lived in constant fear that you might be next because they said ‘you did something or said something twelve months ago’ and then the little freedom you had would be gone. All the time you were tired from the strain, from the fear of anything that moved around you; who’s talking, what are they talking about, and why. If the talk is restless and about the regime you run miles otherwise you will be the one that is questioned next. Yes it is called Paranoia but you needed it to survive and for your own self protection.

My heart bleeds for the people in NK, with no food, no prospect of a better future and no opportunities. Suppressed from birth and taught to shut up and not ask unnecessary questions otherwise you would risk your family being arrested and taken away. Scary? That’s only scratching the surface. In my country it was rumoured that one in three people were informants to the Secret Police, either because they were in the pay of the Secret Police or because they themselves had been compromised. All your movements and everything you said was reported. If you had a drink and a loose tongue you were dead meat. As a curious child I wasn’t allowed to ask questions - curiosity killed the cat. Mum did her best to feed me ‘safe’ information as they used to call it.

Information was precious. The Secret Police used to spread rumours to see who would pick them up. Rumours like, the Dictator is very ill, or something similar. Then, they waited. A few days later when there were people in the city centre celebrating their so called good fortune they would all be arrested.

Life was a hard and a constant battle for survival. You may say – like a lot of them do - it was our own fault for getting involved with the wrong crowd in the Second World War, or you might blame the Allies for giving us up in return for Greece. The first sentence is right and the second is absolutely Rubbish. If people had had the same willing, passion and rage that we had during the ‘89 Revolution things could’ve been different, but history is there to show us what not to do in the future and to accept out past humbly and truthfully.

No communist country in this world is without corruption, and those dirty whispers of I scratch your back you scratch mine. If anybody says otherwise it’s a lie. Communism works only on paper and maybe Karl Marx had an honourable vision but in real life it has been proved that it doesn’t work. We are all individuals, not the faceless cogs in a machine, subservient to one voice as in North Korea. Thankfully, for me, enough people in my country realised that and finally did something about it. We were so worn down by the system that when I stood up and faced the tanks and bullets with all those other people, none of us feared death. Even death would have been better than life as it was.

I dread to think what would have happened if we had failed or if the Revolution had never happened but reading this article on NK certainly makes me wonder:
Paranoia, no cars and silence in the cities



CLICK HERE for full report and photo gallery

PYROMANIA py-ro-ma-nia: - an irresistable impulse to set fire to things for personal gratification
PYROMANIA py-ro-ma-nia: - the exciting, new collection from Angy Morton

PYROMANIA is my latest concept collection, a mix of limited edition 'hand made' lines, which can be made to measure on order, and designs which will subsequently be manufactured in the United Kingdom as limited edition 'prêt-à-porter' lines. The 'hand-made' range will be available from my new online BUTiQ and exclusive runs of 'prêt-à-porter' designs from select boutiques or online.

See BUTiQ for further details and regular updates


ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 1

'Meltwater' and 'Harvest Moon'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 5

'Florence No.2 and 'Pahoehoe' (Pyromania Collection)'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 Pyromania
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 2

'Scirocco' and 'Aurora Borealis'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Fuji LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 6

'Fuji' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Ijen
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 5

'Ijen' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Firestorm LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 6

'Firestorm' (Pyromania Collection)'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Flashover LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 8

'Pacaya' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 7

'Flashover' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW2010 - Pyromania Pacaya
ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Krakatau LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 10

Sample Jacket created for West Ham United FC
by Angy Morton

LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 9

'Krakatau' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - West Ham United sample jacket

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