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Angy's Blog September 2010

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District!

ARCHIVE: my previous entries:

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4 NOVEMBER 2010:
AM Models Charity Fashion Event: As You Like It, Jesmond (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
In support of the TOMA Teenage Cancer Fund.

Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand, London WC2R 0JJ (near Somerset House)
Nearest underground: Charing Cross, Temple or Covent Garden

17 SEPTEMBER 2010 (FRIDAY) - EXHIBITION from 13:00-19:00 (no invitation required)
See below for invitations

Media enquiries for Angy Morton

Click here for full Fashion Mavericks Catwalk Schedule (144KB PDF)
London Fashion Tweet: Fashion Mavericks Event Schedule
Fashion Mavericks website

Angy Morton
For all press enquiries or invitations please contact

17-18 SEPTEMBER 2010: Fashion Mavericks at London Fashion Week:
22 SEPTEMBER 2010: London Fashion Week "Fashion for a Cause" - Celebrity Charity Event (Invitation only)
Movida, 8 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TF - 21:30 - Late; The Sundown in Sudan Project - proceeds to the World Food Programme


They always tell you that things come in threes - well, the third, after the exhibition and catwalk days, was an invitation to the Sundown in Sudan Project: Fashion for a Cause at Movida on the 22nd. The intention was to have models dressed in couture gowns which would be auctioned to raise funds for the floods in Pakistan. I barely had 24 hours at home before I was packing the dresses and heading back to London again. We had worked out that the train was the best solution as we only had a hndful of dresses to take with us. However, after 6 hours on trainline.com trying to book tickets it was turning into a nightmare .. software problems, misleading advice ... never again! The trainline.com online help service advised we should try in the morning at the station and assured us that the price would be exactly the same - no extra charges. As if...at the station the ticket officer seemed bored out of his wits and didn’t care an ounce if we did or didn’t get on the train. Give me a break. One word I have for them all - hopeless. Mike paid the price he should have paid a day before on the internet only to be shouted back minutes later by the ticket officer and told that the price was wrong and we should fork out double. What happened to customer service I hear you ask? I’m telling you - nothing, because it doesn’t exist. Well, it was their loss in the end ... as if they care. As much as I am very concerned about my carbon footprint, and the environment, I am a very small operation struggling to make a living, I had to be in London that afternoon, but there was no way I could afford the price I was now being quoted.

After six hours of driving, looking for somewhere to park, and sweating on the tube, we arrived at Movida, near Oxford Circus. I arranged the dresses and got ready for the party. We even met another NUFC fan - can’t believe this - last time @ Jalouse there was one, and at Fashion Mavericks too. We were of course excited about the NUFC – Chelsea match, he couldn’t contain his excitement either ... we won 4-3 haaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. FANTASTIC. I shall invite him to the November show in Newcastle...he will love it.

I would have been happy if my corset and black and white dress had been appreciated by one person at least. But I was wrong to be such a pessimist, for I received a lot of admiring looks and people were whispering and asking who I was. My dress definitely had an effect. The loo is the place to meet new faces, sounds very George Michael doesn’t it? But if you are a girl you will know what I’m talking about. Girls were asking where did I get the outfit , so more business cards were pulled out of the bag.

Sadly for Jude, the event organiser, things didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped. The ‘high profile’ invites such as Amber Rose and Paloma Faith, never showed up due to another high profile LFW party and so the charity auction was cancelled. It was still an experience I would't have missed though, and hopefully there will be an opportunity to do something together in the future.

We took the night bus back to Heathrow, where we had left the car, then drove back home through the wee hours, absolutely shattered, full of chocolate and coffee...only to discover to my desperation that my precious sewing kit was still sitting nice and comfy on a desk in Movida. Phew, they promised they will send it by post ... I would like to say thank you to Martina & the team @
Movida who let us use their office for storing the dresses and our rubbish, and for looking after us ))

'Pyromania' at Fashion Mavericks, 18 September, 2010
All photographs copyright Rob Sheppard
Hair by Michael Haase, Unite Europtherapy
Make-up by Juliet Osodi, Beauty Base London

Samples of Football fanwear for
West Ham United and Leeds United;
jackets and tops

Fashion Mavericks,
18 September, 2010

Photographs © Rob Sheppard
Hair by Michael Haase
Make-up by Juliet Osodi

'Spectrum in Four Seasons' couture designs at Fashion Mavericks, 18 September, 2010

'Meltwater', 'Harvest Moon', 'Florence No.2'

All photographs copyright Rob Sheppard
Hair by Michael Haase, Unite Europtherapy
Make-up by Juliet Osodi, Beauty Base London

Please see Rob's excellent runway fashion website
CATWALK CAPTURE for further images from the show

ANGY LFW 2010 LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 5

'Florence No.2 and 'Pahoehoe' (Pyromania Collection)'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 1

'Meltwater' and 'Harvest Moon'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Fuji LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 6

'Fuji' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 Pyromania
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 2

'Scirocco' and 'Aurora Borealis'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Firestorm LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 6

'Firestorm' (Pyromania Collection)'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Ijen
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 5

'Ijen' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW2010 - Pyromania Pacaya LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 8

'Pacaya' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Flashover
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 7

'Flashover' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - West Ham United sample jacket LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 10

Sample Jacket created for West Ham United FC
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW 2010 - Pyromania Krakatau
LFW Fashion Mavericks
18 September, 2010
You Tube Clip - 9

'Krakatau' (Pyromania Collection)
by Angy Morton


Here is my London Fashion Week report ... as promised

Stressed and anxious we arrived in London a day before the exhibition itself. The journey was a big difference this time as we had hired a Transit van for all the dresses and mannequins. Now I understand how the 'white van man' can get away with speeding, overtaking and all that, not because we did it, but because I could see everything so much more clearly from my higher position in the cab. Even the landscape was different as I coulod see over the hedges!

I’m often bored out of my brain in the passenger seat, going to various shows and exhibitions, especially on the motorway, so this time round armed with a sewing bag and an unfinished dress I set to work, and in no time there were scissors pins and needles everywhere. You should have seen the truck driver’s faces. Some smiled, the Eddie Stobart lot )), some raised their eye brows and some were driving in the passenger seats. I suppose it’s not every day you see a lady fiercely trying to finish a dress on the motorway :-)) Actually, it’s still in bits...I need 30 hours in a day rather then 24!

Like all new shows you have no idea what to expect and no papers or docs can help there. So I started the exhibition day in my own usual style - sweating, cursing and getting lost in the foyer of the Strand Palace Hotel trying to find the conference centre ... I wish life could be a bit more simple without directions and maps. I have even managed to get lost at home before ... but that's another story! Anyway, Mike came to my rescue, as always, and found Jacqui and where we had to go in a split second!

Day one, the exhibition day was AMAZING. Had soooo many people interested in my designs, it was 'Bubbles', on one of my mannequins, that attracted the attention. Considering Fashion Mavericks was my first real London exposure I was very pleased with the response and interest, both from press and other people from the fashion industry.

The venue was a very nice setting for the show ... the Strand Palace Hotel dates back over a century. It was redeveloped in the 1920s and reopened as an art deco showpiece, with one of the most impressive hotel interiors in London. Although the foyer was removed and partially reconstructed in the V&A due to its historic value, much remains including the beautiful glass and chrome of the conference centre where Fashion Mavericks took place.

There were four designers exhibiting on the catwalk on the first day, and four including myself with static exhibits ... plus some interesting accessory designers, including shoes, sunglasses and hats. On day two we switched round. It was a great opportunity to network and also to meet other creative people, that have been given the opportunity to participate thanks to Fashion Mavericks.

The catwalk on day two was a bit hair raising ... annnnd 45 minutes late ... but the outcome was fantastic as you can see in the pics and clips. Michael Haase, the hairstyle designer and his team were fantastic, very quick to understand the look I was seeking, and also very supportive and a pleasure to work with. Michael had just arrived from New York fashion week

The makeup team were professional as well...they came up with fab designs. My only complaint was with the chaos dressing the models and the fact that the dressers weren’t always listening to what I had to say. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

The show was excellent and I hope I will repeat the experience in the near future. Thanks again to the team leaders. Jacqueline, Fashion Mavericks, the hair stylist designer Mike Haase & his team from Unite and the make up designer Juliet Osodi from Beauty Base.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who came along and offered your support. I'm sorry, not everybody could make it, and I'm also sorry if I didn't catch up with you after the event. I was so emotional I can't remember who I did or didn't speak to!


Michael Haase talks about Fashion Mavericks

Click above for a last word
on Fashion Mavericks by
Michael M Haase -
Interview with Jacqueline,
Fashion Mavericks

Back stage pictures in this report courtesy of Fashion Mavericks I hope they portray something of the fun and excitement of the event, as well as the hard work and professionalism of everybody involved.


Just back from a hectic three days in London and a fab catwalk and show. Completely blown away by it all so apologies for keeping this brief. Looks like I may be heading back down there on wednesday, so the full report will have to wait. Meanwhile, a massive thank you to Jacqueline and her wonderful team at Fashion Mavericks for all their hard work in putting on an amazing event, and providing a platform for creative people with real talent ... and I thought I had reason to be stressed! And also many thanks for the other teams that made it all possible - Michael Haase, the well-known hair stylist from LA (more next time), and make-up artist Juliet Osodi. And finally a big thanks for everybody who turned up and showed their support. I will also be posting pictures and video clips as I receive them

The two days of the event were non-stop from dawn until dusk so no time for sightseeing - apart from surfacing on the Strand a few times to check mobile phone reception, and an evening stroll onto Waterloo Bridge to see the beautiful cityscape and have a nose round Somerset House, the venue for the main London Fashion Week shows. It was nice to arrive home and leave behind the chaos and mayhem, and congestion made worse by the Pope's visit. One of these days I may find some time to explore, take in the sights and do the museums and the galleries, rather than just rushing up and down escalators from tube to tube, hopping on and off buses, and pushing my way through endless crowds!

Backstage was mayhem, especially before my show with my request for completely wacky punk hairstyles and make-up - no wonder we were running late! But it was well worth the wait in the end. There is a nice little backstage piece on the Blow fashion website with a good picture of one of the models, Felicity, with Michael Haase, artistic director of Unite Eurotherapy. Click here for details: www.blow.co.uk - LFW Day 2

Click on the button for a video clip of Michael
at work on one of my catwalk models.

You can also check out Michael Haase here: www.michaelmhaase.com

Michael M Haase at work at Fashion Mavericks


21 September, 2010:
Westmorland Gazette 'Fashion designer to unveil new collection'
20 September, 2010: Blow 'LFW Day 2 - Romantique Couture'
20 September, 2010: Fashion Mavericks 'Day Two in Pictures'
16 September, 2010: West Ham United Official Website 'Claret and blue couture'
16 September, 2010: BBC RADIO NEWCASTLE - Listen in from 10:00 until 11:00!
15 September, 2010: North-West Evening Mail 'Catwalk Fashion from the Terraces'
12 September, 2010: Sunday Sun 'Toon Dress Designer set to swap teams'
2 September, 2010: Fashion Mavericks 'Angela Morton-Plucked from the Lake'


Avant-garde designer Angy Morton will be unveiling a unique collection of designer, football fan wear, including some samples created for West Ham United,at Fashion Mavericks during London Fashion Week, this Saturday, 18 September, 2010.

See my
PRESS page for further information

PYROMANIA py-ro-ma-nia: - an irresistable impulse to set fire to things for personal gratification

PYROMANIA py-ro-ma-nia: - the exciting, new collection from Angy Morton

PYROMANIA is the new concept collection I am currently working on with a view to releasing the first completed designs on the catwalk in September, during London Fashion Week, at Fashion Mavericks. My PYROMANIA creations comprise a mix of limited edition 'hand made' lines, which can be made to measure on order, and designs which will subsequently be manufactured in the United Kingdom as limited edition 'prêt-à-porter' lines. The 'hand-made' range will be available from my new online BUTiQ from late September, and exclusive runs of 'prêt-à-porter' designs from select boutiques or online, later in 2010.

Pyromania will comprise two themes based around the elegant, sinuous curve of 'Midnight Sun', and the stylish, angular, low cut back of 'Wildfire'. I may not be granted permission to literally set the runway on fire, but hopefully these new outfits will ignite a spark of pleasure! I am now busy juggling my new creations with existing commitments but expect a selection to be ready for the September launch. I am not giving too much away at this stage other than to say that the outfits will be available in either dazzling fiery reds, oranges and yellows, or in monochromatic themes. They all bear names reflecting the fascinating Pyromania theme, from which I have drawn my inspiration - from the explosive 'Krakatau' to the serene 'Fuji', the elegant curves of 'Pacaya' and foaming streams of 'Kilhauea' to the twisted geology of 'Pahoehoe' lava, the smoke and sulphurous funes of 'Ijen', and the electrical, energy of 'Astraphobia'. ... so, watch this space!

ANGY'S BLOG and BUTiQ for further details and regular updates



The Sundown in Sudan Project: Fashion for a Cause
Celebrity Charity Event at Movida - London's No.1 Celebrity and VIP club

22 September, 2010- 21:30 until late
Movida, 8 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TF (near Oxford Circus)
By invitation only (to midnight)

I have been invited to exhibit some of my dazzling couture designs at Fashion for a Cause. This event, organised by Jude Jagger of The Sundown in Sudan Project, and sponsored by Movida, will raise funds for the United Nations World Food Programme to help the flood victims of Pakistan. The concept is a very unusual fashion show with models wearing spectacular couture outfits in the venue and on the catwalk. Some of these will then be sold to raise funds for the cause. Update after Fashion Mavericks.

See also:
London Fashion Week - Fashion for a Cause


Yeah, right! Just when I thought that my stress levels couldn't get any higher I receive a phone call asking if I would like to exhibit a few designs at a celebrity charity event ... next wednesday, to mark the end of London Fashion Week! Can I afford to? Can I afford not to? You know the answer. Anyway, hopefully more anon so watch this space!

PACAYA - is an active volcano in Guatemala, which has erupted at least 23 times since the Spanish conquest, and continuously since it erupted violently in 1965, It is a popular tourist attraction on account of its proximity to Guatemala City and because its almost continuous activity makes it a magnet for volcanologists!

PACAYA - is an elegant, full-length, evening gown crafted from luxurious red and black silk. It is close-fitted, with one long sleeve, and a layered, organza tail which cascades down the opposite side. The distinctive, signature curve mirrors a fast flowing lava stream.


I am featured artist on the American site Talenthouse this week. Talenthouse is a fab site which I joined a while ago. It provides opportunities for the world's creative community. It is a place to participate in unique projects with artists and brands, to collaborate, gain recognition and compensation. For example Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine, is using the site to invite fashion designers to design a stage outfit for her. Talenthouse is not only for designers though. There are categories for a wide range of creative artists including fine art. music, photography, film and fashion.

Check out my profile:
Featured Artist in Fashion


PAHOEHOE - is the name given to a type of basaltic lava flow with an undulating or rope-like surface, created by very fluid lava flowing under a congealing crust and forming a series of lobes in a distinctve pattern. These flows are common in active Hawaiian volcanoes such as Kilhauea, whence the name pahoehoe which is Hawaiian, meaning 'smooth, unbroken lava'.

PAHOEHOE - is a spectacular, knee-length, flame and red-gold, shot-taffeta cocktail dress. It is close-fitted, and sleeveless, with an assymmetrical, gathered hemline which represents the twists and curves of pahoehoe lava formations. It also features my signature 'tornado' curve which, in this case, represents a Hawaiian lava flow.


As I’m writing this the first day of NY Fashion week has started. With the NY fashion weeks you have to be careful how you are searching because they are always sponsored by big names - in other words Sponsor name+Fashion Week, a bit confusing but that’s the game, This year the sponsor is Merceds-Benz. Thankfully London is always LFW.

Of special note will be the first ever catwalk during New York Fashion Show that only features plus-size models - finally, they are beginning to recognise that real people are not all anorexic stick insects! Nevertheless, I was approached by one model agency for my London show who were offering only size 6 and size 8 models.

For more info see the live blog offered by the Guardian:
Guardian - New York Fashion Week

The key Fashion Week schedules are as follows:,

NEW YORK: 09-16 September, 2010

LONDON: 17-22 September, 2010

MILAN: 22-29 September, 2010

PARIS: 28 September-6 October, 2010

You can find a full schedule for fashion shows around the world on the Fashion Community website:


This is an interesting one isn’t? Ive just read on the Premier League website that following research conducted by Populus over the 2008/2009 season, they have found that the group of the population showing the highest increase in attendance at Premiership matches is ... wait for it ... women! I could have told them that months ago ... so how about something different to wear then?

Unfortunately, attitudes don't change and from my experience it is still very much a male dominated world. When I suggest trying out something different most clubs just laugh at me. Mixing ladies fashion and football still seems to be a taboo. They just don't get it! They claim they have tried it and failed. Indeed, the percentage of ladies fan wear sold by the clubs is miniscule. Fact. But is that a surprise when all that is on offer are overpriced rhinestone sweatshirts and casual hoodies in powder pink or baby blue? The research I did in Newcastle earlier this year, with the help of Radio Newcastle, certainly suggests there is a demand for something different. And, there are a few, more dynamic clubs such as West Ham who are beginning to take it seriously - and it is working for them. Just look at the reaction to the basque Katy Perry wore to impress Russell Brand!

Meanwhile, the rest of them will continue to churn out two or three replica kits per season, knowing that huge sales are guaranteed with little effort on their part. And, if you suggest recycling them into something fashionable at the end of the season ... ooops, I can feel another slapped wrist coming ... how ethical is that?

So watch this space ... I have something up my sleeve for LFW but I can't show you just yet! In the meantime check out the following links:

BBC SPORT - Matt Slater's Blog

Premier League - Fun for all


The closer we get to LFW, the more my anxiety grows. To be honest, I’m scared stiff of the whole thing! I know you guys will say that I will be fine but I’m absolutely petrified, especially after so many ticket requests from fashion magazines, fashion bloggers and other fashion designers to see my catwalk show. So if anyone would like to come along and give me some moral support on the 17th drop me a quick line to press@angymorton.com and I'll try to add you to my guest list. But, please be quick, places are limited and my deadline for applications is next Friday -10 September.

Meanwhilwe, my new dresses are coming along nicely. I'm well behind target of course but I always am. Nothing is ever ready on time…as I said to one of the fashion students who interviewed me not so long ago: caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine. oh yes. and stress are my best friends. My dear hubby helps me with the admin work as I’m battling with zips, threads and patterns. I shouldn’t complain really, I love what I’m doing. It is just that I wish time wouldn’t fly so fast.


I’m very proud that one of my friends, Zoe Gadd, has been shortlisted for the British Airways Great Britons programme. How fab is that? Zoe, a contemporary dancer, is hoping to fly to Accra in Ghana with members of her Newcastle-based dance company, Shardana Danza, on the first leg of a journey to join L'école des Sables (International Centre for Contemporary and Traditional African Dance) in Dakar, Senegal. Once there, she will lead workshops and share skills with dancers, choreographers and artists from all over the world. She hopes to use this experience and inspiration to produce her first full length production and ultimately to make contemporary dance a more accessible art form in the north of England.

Please, please, please, anybody out there who knows Zoe and her fantastic work in Newcastle and Carlisle, show your support by voting for her before Friday 17th September here (where you can also find her full profile):

British Airways Great Britons Shortlist

Also, check out Zoe;s websites: Shardana Danza and Dance Ahead

IJEN - is one of a group of active volcanoes, situated inside the 20km wide Ijen caldera, in East Java. It is known for its turquoise-coloured, acid crater lake, and a labour intensive sulphur mining operation. It is a surreal place, a harsh environment of noxious gases, where miners tap hot liquid sulphur, from the vents. The solid yellow sulphur is broken off in huge chunks by the men who then carry them on their backs, out of the crater and down the mountain.

IJEN - is an asymmetrical, silver-grey and champagne-gold, taffeta evening gown. It is a close-fitted dress, with a collar at the front and a gathered, low-cut back. Intricate, stitched pleats at the front represent the paths from the crater, while the gathered, yellowish fabric at the back represents the sulphur.

Click here to
download my leaflet;
Bespoke Fashion -
with a Difference
PDF (1mb)

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